Voted One Of The Premier Salons Fairfield CT Has

So you’re trying to look younger or maybe just doing something a bit more fun and youthful with your hair. BUT what to do? I’ve said to many of my best clients who ask me this question that you really only have three options, “Botox, Butt-lifts or Bangs!” Whenever someone comes to my chair I always try to guide them best and this is what I love most about beauty consulting. Our mission is to be the top high end luxe hair salon Fairfield CT has to offer. We strive to provide our clients with the highest level of hair care and service along with additional beauty services that no one in the area is providing. With so many places to choose from we thank everyone for choosing ASH Hair Salon & Blow Dry Bar and helping us earn our rank as one of the top salons Fairfield CT has brought to its local beauty scene.

Why Bangs Make Women Look Younger

Bangs do many things for your face but most importantly, they hide wrinkles on your forehead and give your face a more defined youthful look. Don’t go too short though! Going too short on your cut can make you look much older and usually tends to mature people. Sometimes simple changes can make a world of difference in how you look and most importantly how you feel!

Healthy Hair Coloring

With all the salons Fairfield CT has, how do you choose your fit? An even better question is how do you maintain your brilliantly colored hair without all the breakage and fading? Overly bleached hair tends to break very easily and usually has lost its elasticity. When your hair is damages, your color will tend to fade much more easily and much faster. Try to get your highlights every 8 weeks and use protective products that can add lost moisture along with conditioners. Plenty of water and Biotin supplements can also aid in keeping your hair shiny, healthy and strong as to avoid any further damage color can cause. We look forward to seeing you at our luxe salon Fairfield CT has been patiently waiting for! Welcome to ASH Hair Salon & Blow Dry Bar.


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